The exact version of your transplant protocol, out-of-box.

80% of transplant protocol is based on  the established guidelines. 20% is the enhancements unique to  your center. We deliver 100% totally out-of-box.

Dynamic Data Model and Views

Transplant protocols vary based on the organ they are designed for. All transplant protocols are tailored to assess a patients overall health condition, not just the organ in question. There are standard guidelines that dictate the minimum compliance mark. However transplant surgeons and clinicians tend to innovate and evolve their own set of best practices. We call these the 20% impact factor. No software is good enough unless it includes these. GridSense Health  rides on our innovative fast track product development platform, GridSense. Using this we are able to conform to any protocol almost straight out of box. What is even more interesting is that these best practices remain restricted to the concerned transplant center. So there is no loss of your hard gained know how.

Designed For Innovation

All the transplant programs  are governed by the same regulatory framework, but the outcomes vary. The processes that are followed  and the clinical protocols they have evolved are similar but not identical. Each transplant expert adds to the best practices based on experience and knowledge. GridSense Health is designed to support this innovation.

Designed for Change

GridSense Health is designed to facilitate change. Our solution is based on an innovative technology that has matured over many years of research and development. We capture the complete data model that the transplant centers need. What’s even better, we never shun the change our data model and data presentation interfaces are dynamic. So change is part of our product experience, with zero turnaround time and without the extra negotiation cycles.

Analytics Automated

Designed To Achieve Goals

Transplant practice is highly data dependent. Firstly it is governed by  very stringent  regulations and minimum conditions of participation dictated by the CMS and UNOS. Secondly the transplant center requires data on multiple parameters. Questions one wants to answer from the data do not remain static, thye change as one tries to walk the maze of multiple choices and outcomes. Therefore the common  analytic approach of standard pre-defined reports is very limiting to a transplant practice. GridSense Health offers self-serve analytics. Practitioners can now  interactively query the database and back their decisions with evidence and insights drawn from data.

Hidden Insights

GridSense Health allows transplant practitioners to discover connections and improve the care for their patients. Longitudinal analysis of patient cohorts reveals a lot about decisions and outcomes. Our analytics platform uncovers the correlations that were never suspected before. Patient outcomes are dependent on a complex sets of parameters. These are a combination of the degree of decline in patient’s condition, donor characteristics and the complex anatomical and vascular patterns in the donor and the recipient. We apply machine learning techniques to assist in making the right set of choices.